We Live Like Trees Inside the Footsteps of our Ancestors





Environmental emergency, Traditional wisdom, Exploration and extraction, Legacies of coloniality


This text reviews the exhibition "We Live Like Trees Inside the Footsteps of our Ancestors", open for visits from 12 May to 22 July 2023 at the Blenheim Walk Gallery at Leeds Arts University. Curated by Dr Mariana Cunha (University of Westminster) & Dr Marianna Tsionki (Leeds Arts University) with the participation of the artists Marianne Hoffmeister Castro, Jeannette Muñoz, Renata Padovan, Maya Watanabe, the exhibition explored the fragility of the ecosystems in Latin America on the aftermath of the coloniality and erasure of indigenous knowledge. The artworks in the exhibition portrayed a mapping of the region, showing the delicate balance between life and death and the disappearance of the communities and local wisdom on the brink of environmental emergencies.  


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Author Biography

Gabriela Saenger Silva, Liverpool John Moores University

Gabriela Saenger Silva is an arts practitioner and researcher specialising in education and socially engaged practices. She is a PhD candidate at the Exhibition Research Lab at Liverpool John Moores University. Silva was operations coordinator for the Mercosul Biennial pedagogical and public program from 2007 to 2013, guest curator for the São Paulo Biennial in 2018, and mediation coordinator for the Liverpool Biennial in 2016 and 2018, where she was responsible for the experimental program The City Is a School.


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