Mythologies of the 21st Century



Mythologies, 21st century, photography, visual arts


In the Mythologies of the 21st century second issue of Archivo Papers Journal, the authors address some of the current 'ecological' problems we deal with. In this context, we understand the term 'ecology' as the relationships that humans establish with the material conditions whichgive rise to their existence, such as the territory (Chambefort-Kay), technologies (Morilla, Vicente), the market (Curran) or the art domain (Karapetian), approaching contemporary artistic practices as 'decoders' of those myths that ideologically transform these problems. The ecological mutation in which we are installed requires our full attention. We must develop and utilise the tools - as proposed by the artistic works examined in this issue - which allow us to unveil the myths arising from the appropriation of media and discourses and the power these have, by offering us partial and ideological solutions.


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