NEW YORK CITY, October 25th, 2056


  • Mark Curran Institute of Arts, Design & Technology, Ireland


Hine lowers his phone camera. It’s happened. Ellis island, dark. The report had warned. Still,disbelieving his own eyes. Looking across, all Lower Manhattan in blackness. Pitch. His gazewanders, further up the island. Nothing. Deep darkness. Uncanny. No one? No shouts,screams, voices even, no horns, no alarms. Surely. Someone. Shock? Water. Flood barriershave failed. Christ, those people. Or those that remain. Automatons, Co-bots, except forsupervisory Human Co-leagues. Thousands?


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A speculation inspired by photograph by Eduardo Munoz of Lower Manhattan, New York City during grid failure, Hurricane Sandy, 2012.

Quotes and statistics from research (2010-). See Foresight Report (UK Govt 2012).




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